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The 2014 Europe & North American Premium Road Maps for CIC came out early this year.

It is available for download now for anyone interested in updating their Europe or North American maps to 2014-1 version. This is a 3 USB Thumb Drive version that requires 3 each 8 GB or larger Fat32 Formatted USB Thumb Drives. It can also be done with a single 8 GB USB Thumb Drive, although it is not the preferred method.

For those with pre 09/2009 builds, you can make 3 Double Layer Double Density Drives instead and install it from DVD Drive.

You will of course to need to purchase an FSC Code as always to install it

PM me if you are interested in the 2014 Map Upgrade details.

10/16/13 - Updated to include Europe PREMIUM Maps (CIC)
12/09/13 - Updated to include Europe NEXT Maps (NBT)
12/22/13 - Updated to include North America NEXT Maps (NBT)
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