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I've done multiple searches and couldn't come up with the information that I'd like.

Ever since I bought this car, I have been so disappointed at how absolutely quiet it is. It doesn't even feel like I'm driving a sports sedan. It's actually one of the most quiet vehicles I've ever had. Almost ZERO engine note. I can just barely hear some exhaust when accelerating. I've coded the car to the absolute loudest ASD setting, and I've also checked the amp in the truck to make sure the ASD thingy is plugged in. It was. This leads me to believe that the next logical answer to this is that the previous owner pulled the fuse for the ASD. I've checked the fuse diagram that came with the car and some of the insignias are extremely unclear. Also, the diagram for the glove box fuse box isn't even the same as the actual fuse box. Very frustrating.

Can anyone point me in the right direction and tell me which exact fuse is for the ASD in this vehicle? Also, what type of fuse is it?

Thanks, guys.
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