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2012 GTR or M6?

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Guys, I need help in deciding. I'm thinking about trading in my car for the new GTR, but I know I'm gonna miss my cherry alot lol. Some of my friends tell me to get the gtr and let the beast go and some say the opposite.
If I do trade in my beast I want the black edition GTR.
What would you guys choose if you were in my place?
I need some of your thoughts. Thanks in advance. :1:
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Yep., GTR Hands down., no question asked.!

the funny thing part ., I was on my way to a Lambo dealer for a used Gallardo for around 120k.,

passed by nissan in my Maserati, they have a 2012 Red seating in the dealership asking 20k over msrp, make it 110k plus tax.. went in,walked around the car.... the sales manager came out I told him I am heading to Lambogini for a Gallardo.,.,,. ...... long story short.,.., 2 hours later, I drove away the GTR with MSRP.......... plus tax. and I got to keep the Maserati

that was exactly 3 weeks ago that happened..
Great story. Thanks.

(I still think the GT-R looks like rice - factory rice - but still rice. But then looks are a very personal thing. Glad you are happy with it.)
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