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I recently changed my 2007 M5 for the new GTR (2012 MY in the US, termed 2011 here in the UK). I had the same concerns / questions about the boy-racer image, exhaust note, but also the practicality coming from a 4-door. However, having had chance to put a few miles on the GTR, I must say that the performance more than makes up for any downside. The GTR would anihilate BMW's V10 beasts (I accept that the M5/M6 may pull harder at very high speeds, but I only get to indulge on rare trips to Germany).

I find the interior of the GTR with the new recaro seats to be very good, the quality and look and feel are improved over prior MYs; clearly it wil be a little less space than your M6 but it works comfortably for my wife, 4-year old daughter and I.

I think your decision may be most easily considered as what do you want from a car? The GTR offers unrivalled performance and can scare the hell out of you, but is badged a Nissan and does give a bit of a boy-racer image. The M6 offers slightly less in terms of performance but is more comfortable and is visually much more subtle.

Whichever choice you make, I'm certain you'll be happy - they are both great cars.
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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