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2012 GTR or M6?

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Guys, I need help in deciding. I'm thinking about trading in my car for the new GTR, but I know I'm gonna miss my cherry alot lol. Some of my friends tell me to get the gtr and let the beast go and some say the opposite.
If I do trade in my beast I want the black edition GTR.
What would you guys choose if you were in my place?
I need some of your thoughts. Thanks in advance. :1:
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All you need to do is look at the specs for each car.

GTR will eat most cars out there on acceleration.

Just curious, who would win from 0-60: the GTR or M5?
That's why I dont think I will ever go the S3 route.

For $65K, I can buy another M6, gut it out and lighten the heck out of it, do simple bolt on mods, and then upgrade the software and now I have another car dedicated to take to the tracks, have so much fun with it and still have money left over for some Chinese food.


Yes sir -- about $65k or so...

But it sure sounds good. :)

I'm with Mark.

When my warranty runs out - most likely instead of super charging or turbo charging my beast - my next beast will be the new M6.
Of course depends always on what the next M6 actually looks like once production comes out, and what the engine is capable of.
Knowing BMW M division well by now - I dont think they will disappoint us.

I am guessing the new actual body style when it finally comes out will be sharp looking since Bangle is finally gone.
I am guessing the TT engine will be a high revving V8 so we wont be missing the sweet V10 engine sound very much.

I have heard of so many horror stories from friends, colleagues, reading here and reading the internet of issues some folks had with their beast post super charging / turbo charging.

I have a close friend here in Seattle that had the Dinan S3 on his E46 M3 so I asked for his experience with it.
He said it is the worst thing he's done to his car. So I asked why?
He said simply put - the car was never designed to handle that much power.

Another local friend has a HorsepowerFreaks 700horsepower M3.
He said his problem is always driveability issues. He cant keep the car on the ground or get enough traction.

And just like George have mentioned - I read in the internet M6 engines blowing up, premature internal parts wearing out, reliability issues, etc. post turbo charging / super charging.

So I have no plans going that roue.

And we never make any money on mods when its time to sell the beast.

My 2 cents.
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I am still dreaming and wishing that when the production M6 finally comes out - rev limiters is raised to 8,000 RPM.
I know....

Again, I am still hoping and dreaming they will resolve that issue by the time the M6 comes out.

...But as Mark pointed out, if it doesn't pull hard all the way up to the limiter, what's the point? Flattening out around 5700 = spoiling the party...

Valid question!

Save that when we meet the BMW M engineers in November.

I will actually start a thread soon of questions we have always wanted to ask BMW but unable to because we dont have a BMW M engineer rep here.

Here you go, my new thread:

Here is weird/stupid thought - you know how people "tune" turbo engines by increasing boost? Well how about lowering and re-tuning the ECU for more grind at high RPMs. Less power but more fun. OK silly, I know...
I am only going by what he said.

And yes, perhaps you are a better driver than him.

He is a LEO, so yes, he has a lead foot.

whatheheck, I beg to differ on your local friends 700 hp HPF M3 traction issues. I have a 670hp HPF M3 and I don't have that problem. it could be many factors or just one but knowing I have that much Power, i don't drive the M the same as when it was N/A. i think its extremely drive-able as a daily.
I run 295/30/19 Vrederstein Ultrac sessanta in the Rears and they grip as great as PS2s but again i don't drive it the same. like off the line, i ease into 1st and don't get in it until the HPF Clutch/AA lwfw are fully engaged and i am rolling @ 3-5mph which is 1.1 seconds maybe? then its WOT and Hells fury through the gears but 0 driveaility issues. (106k on stock motor, AA SC @67k, HPF stg2 @103k)

even when I was AA SC @ 440hp my only real complaint was the harder than normal UUC multi-puck clutch. made my left calf muscle bigger than my right.

not saying he is NOT having the traction or drive ability issues just saying its not the cars or TURBO / Superchargers fault its the operator.

No Aftermarket F/I kit is perrrrfect or flawless/faultless but the G-POWER/DINAN S65 kits are close and i have NO DOUBT the ESS SC kit will be as solid as it should be.
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