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Having just bought the M6, but owned the GT-R for 1 year exactly (1 year anniversary today:tonquesmilie:), I'd have a hard time telling you what to do. It depends on who you are and what you need out of your car.

I love the GT-R for what it is, but I'm the first to put it down for it's shortcomings...interior is a full step backward from the BMW. It's raw, but I'm Ok with that because that's what I like. My Ducati 1098s has to be one of the worst streetbikes there is, but I love it for what I want out of a sportbike, trackdays -- If I did 300 mile daily trips like some of my friends, I'd hate it.

I drove the M6 home from the dealership (4.5hrs) and thought that it was/is the nicest car I've ever driven. But I get back in the GT-R and know that it's still my #1 baby...:dunno:

BTW, the M6 is the wife's car! Yeah, I know, I'm gonna hear it but let me just say this, she wanted a 328 vert, and I talked her up to this :cheers:
The thing you will hear from me is, "great up-sell"! It's quite a step up from the 328!
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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