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2012 GTR or M6?

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Guys, I need help in deciding. I'm thinking about trading in my car for the new GTR, but I know I'm gonna miss my cherry alot lol. Some of my friends tell me to get the gtr and let the beast go and some say the opposite.
If I do trade in my beast I want the black edition GTR.
What would you guys choose if you were in my place?
I need some of your thoughts. Thanks in advance. :1:
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I've been searching and Im confused on what the Dinan S3 is.
Is it the stroker or is it the stage 3 software?
S3 stands for "Signature Package 3" and is basically "the works"... It appears that they don't list the Signature Packages on their website after they designed it about a year ago, but it's the stroker engine and about every other upgrade that they sell:

Dinan's Signature Package 3:

-13% Underdrive Crankshaft Pulley Kit
-High Flow Middle Racing Exhaust with 4" Resonators
-High Flow Air Mass Meter/Intake Assemblies
-Free Flow Exhaust With Chrome Tips
-High Flow Throttle Bodies
-Racing Straight Pipe Inserts
-High Performance 5.8 Liter V-10 Engine
-Stage 3 Performance Engine Software
-3.91 Limited Slip Differential
-380 x 34mm Dinan/Brembo Replacement Rotor Set - Front
-380 x 28mm Dinan/Brembo Replacement Rotor Set - Rear
-Camber/Caster Plates
-Carbon Fiber Front Strut Tower Brace
-Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower Brace
-Dinan/Brembo Replacement Brake Pad Set
-Dinan/Brembo Brakes - Black Calipers With Slotted Rotors
-Front Roll Control System
-Lower Control Arm Monoball Racing Kit
-Dinan Pedal Cover Set
-Stage 3 Suspension System
-Dinan/HRE 19" P40s wheels

Road & Track's review of the Dinan S3 M6: Dinan S3 M6

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S3 = lots of money.
Yes sir -- about $65k or so...

But it sure sounds good. :)

That's why I dont think I will ever go the S3 route.

For $65K, I can buy another M6, gut it out and lighten the heck out of it, do simple bolt on mods, and then upgrade the software and now I have another car dedicated to take to the tracks, have so much fun with it and still have money left over for some Chinese food.

Well, you'd be better off doing that with an M3 if it was dedicated to the track. Keep in mind that the S3 package is "everything" they make and if someone was just interested in the stroker (and related upgrades) it would be in the $35K range (after install).

Staying naturally aspirated is also very nice (as Hasan has pointed out in the past)...

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P.S. ESS Supercharger= 1/4 the price and 135hp more.
The stroker with all the upgrades (including racing middle section) is 628 HP and 475+ lb-ft of torque -- and much of that is available down low (3000 RPM).

It's also important to note that the ESS Supercharger is not giving you all the other upgrades (brakes, suspension, etc.) so you can't compare it to the $65k S3 package. They are probably a lot closer to the same pricing if you compare ESS' VT3 kit (with all the RPI upgrades) and just the Dinan stroker package with all the related engine performance upgrades (not suspension, braking, etc.)

I've had the same mixed emotions as to which I would do because I do like the idea of preserving the NA spirit of the M6. Aside from FI being tougher on the engine components, it's also thought of as "cheating" of sorts, when compared to NA. :)

I like both kits, however -- and when my warranty runs out, I will be having a difficult time choosing.

Or by then you might slide into an F12/F13 M6 - stranger things have been know to happen :1:
Yes -- true, but I really haven't taken a liking to the new lines of the M6. Additionally, I'll have to see the torque curve with twin turbos -- I'm not thinking they can keep it very linear with TT...

I can see myself in a 997 Turbo S before the latest M6... :nono: [Ducking to avoid injury from fellow board members] :byee55amg

If I'm gonna go crazy twin turbo, I might as well go with the fastest one, right? :p

Well we know basically what the next M6 will look like since the F12 coupe and F13 non-M cars are available now.

While the redline appears to be 7200 on the new F10 M5, the published torque curve shows that you might as well shift at 5700 and that's when the otherwise flat torque "curve" drops off sharply. Not an exciting prospect for those of use who love the rush to 8250 with our S-85 beasts. :grrrr:

I'm sure Telsa owners will appreciate the new M5 motor. Just now sure about the rest of us. Easier to drive, more torque but will it be less fun overall?
Couldn't have said it better... Unless a serious about-face happens with the M6 (which I don't see how it's possible) -- count me out. I'm more than happy with my S85 through 2014 and I will worry about "what's next?" after that.

I am still dreaming and wishing that when the production M6 finally comes out - rev limiters is raised to 8,000 RPM.
...But as Mark pointed out, if it doesn't pull hard all the way up to the limiter, what's the point? Flattening out around 5700 = spoiling the party...

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