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In the morning I started hearing a clicking noise while accompanied with the normal buzzing sound of the smg transmission priming itself for driving. the clicking sound continued randomly at various points, when I was unlocking my car and the smg was priming.

2 days later, while driving in D3 at s3 around 40mph; transmission failure appeared on the screen and the car automatically switched into neutral and would not let me shift. Fortunately, I pulled off the road safely and it allowed me to drive home in automatic s1 after stopping. The screen said their were limited driving capabilities.

Had it towed to the dealership, the dealership said they would have to replace the clutch, flywheel, throwout bearing and a couple other parts the service advisor said were on order. After installing these parts they are going to test drive to make sure there are no transmission issues.

It's a 2010 E60 with 9700 miles. I drive the car properly, mostly highway miles averaging 100-200 miles per weekly. It had the proper break in period and the 1,200 miles service.

The car was acting perfectly fine until I began noticing the clicking noise as the smg primed. Still waiting to pick up the vehicle and find out what the final diagnosis was. I guess this kind of thing just comes with the territory of owning a race car.

Hope this helps
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