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2008 M5, 155K, Transmission Red Cog (Seasonal Allergies?)

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I got the transmission red cog, and this message on the dash. Car was sitting all day and I started it and moved it around. Then the red cog showed up. The car was in D3, and it wouldn't "display" anything else. I could move it to "3" and back to "D3". A "+" or "-" on the transmission lever or the paddles wouldn't change a thing. I could move the car to Reverse and the car would go back, yet the display stayed in D3. When i moved it to Neutral, it still stayed in D3.
For moving forward, when i gave it some gas, the RPMs would go up and the car would move forward very slowly.
I brought the car back home, was just around the block, and parked it, and went running with our doggie for an hour.

I come back and start the car, everything normal.
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From ISTA, it shows faults that are stored, but not present. After i cleared all the faults, the SMG faults didn't show up.

I have to say this: I have seen this happen before, the red cog showing up, when the season changes and gets colder.
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