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The Chicago Auto Show is coming up pretty soon. Anyone thinking about going?

Public showing dates are Friday, February 8 through Sunday, February 17.

I was thinking about going February 9 early to try and see the cars before too many people wear out the weather strips.

Link to 2008 Chicago Auto Show

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Hey Dano959,


It actually wasn't too bad. I got down there about 4 o'clock, little later than I wanted, but I brought my sister along ended up meeting Dave (wilsodh) and Sabrina there.

My pictures are still at home so I'll have to upload them later.

It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be except around the main attractions.

The main things I looked into were:
- the new Corvette :M5thumbs:
- the Audi R8 :M5thumbs:
- the Nissan GTR
- there is a nice Shelby Mustang on display
- the new M3 (they had both the coupe and the four door)
- the new 1 series (they had a Tii and a 135 I think. I believe the Tii will sell like crazy with the way they portrayed it as a track car. :M5thumbs:)
- the new X6 (I am not sure what to make of it) :confused2
- the M5 and M6 were open to the public to sit in (surprised by this), lots of people jumping in.

The BMW display was a little difficult to find. They didn't have an over head sign like the other manufacturers around them. Lots of three series cars on display.

The new Corvette really looks nice. There was even an open prop of the frame on display were different features were numbered. I have a few pictures of that to upload. If I remember correctly, the spokeswoman said 2000 / year were going to be built.

Jeep had a crazy setup where you could get a ride up two steep hills. The line was about 1 hour wait by the time I got there. This would be something you would want to do if you get there soon after it opens.

The new Audi R8 was hot! :applause:

Hope you eat before you go or plan to eat after you go. Food was a bit steep ($7.50 for any of the sandwiches and $3.00 for a drink). :grrrr:

I'll get the pictures up later.

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