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BMW M5 Sedan

"Understatement has rarely been so powerful. The character of the BMW Individual Ruby Black metallic paint finish perfectly matches that of the BMW Individual M5. Its passion is modestly restrained. But as soon as the BMW Individual M5 gathers speed, and the light angles change, a powerful ruby-red shimmer appears under the surface, emphasising the power of the world’s sportiest sedan. Opposites attract. Our Merino leather in Champagne makes for a bright, spacious and welcoming interior, which is enhanced further by the generous leather trim on the doors and instrument panel. Combined with the Piano Finish Black interior trim, it makes for a delightful and magical contrast."

BMW M5 Touring

"A brilliant way of showing character. A sophisticated process lends diopside a brilliant dark green colouration that is in no way inferior to emerald. It is the same with the BMW Individual Diopside Black metallic paint finish. Here, too, emerald hues rise from the depth, creating a threedimensional iridescent effect. Natural grace is a question of strength. The increased thickness of the material is what lends the BMW Individual Merino leather its unique structure. Gentle tanning methods and a special vat immersion pigmentation process ensure a natural look and a soft and supple feel. The Platinum colour only serves to reinforce this impression, visually emphasising the velvetiness of the leather. The BMW Individual Piano Finish Black interior trim in the BMW M5 Touring perfectly complements this look."


"Refined power. The BMW Individual paint fi nish in Ruby Black metallic lends the surface of this BMW Individual M6 Coupé its powerful depth. This effect is achieved by special pigmentation that creates an elegant light effect resembling the silky sheen of a ruby. A trinity of colours. The BMW Individual interior trim in Walnut Amarone contributes a deep brown whose red shimmer harmonises perfectly with the Ruby Black metallic paint fi nish. The BMW Individual Merino leather in Oxide Brown completes the picture."

BMW M6 Convertible

"A three-dimensional surface. Moonstone owes its unique shimmer to a special cut which creates the refl ections that are responsible for this gemstone’s unique look. The BMW Individual Moonstone metallic paint fi nish likewise requires a very sophisticated layering process to endow the surfaces of the BMW Individual M6 Convertible with their three-dimensional colour depth. Powerful contrasts. The complex hue of the BMW Individual Merino leather with SunReflective Technology in Syrah Blue underscores the powerful looks of the BMW Individual M6 Convertible. Combined with the high-gloss Piano Finish Black interior trim, the resulting interior creates an elegant contrast with the Moonstone metallic paint finish."

BMW M3 Sedan in Azuritblack, interiour Leder Novillo Schwartz with Interiourlist Pianolack Scwartz

"The changing hues of azurite. The exterior of the BMW Individual M3 Sedan reveals varied shades of deep blue reminiscent of azurite crystals. What the BMW Individual Azurite Black metallic paint finish has in common with its natural counterpart is that the interplay of cobalt blue, indigo and ultramarine hues is the result of a very special manufacturing process.
Dynamic interior design. In the cabin, Black Novillo leather is combined with BMW Individual Piano Finish Black interior trim. Its high-gloss surface adds depth to the interior and underscores the dynamic design of the dashboard."

BMW M3 Coupe in Aventurinsilber Metallic, intriour in black Leder Novillo with Pianolack black interiourpanels

"The many layers of a great character. Aventurine owes its characteristic sparkle to minute crystal inclusions in the stone. In rare cases, light refl ections can even create a silvery-white glistening effect. To realise this effect in a paint fi nish had long been a dream of our engineers. The breakthrough came with our Aventurine Silver paint fi nish. Its multiple layers create that unmistakable sheen that can change from silver to subtle chrome green. Polished performance. The BMW Individual interior trim in high-gloss Piano Finish Black with inlay underscores the sporty lines of the BMW M3 Coupé. It harmonises perfectly with the Black
Novillo leather."

BMW M3 Convertible in Moonstone interiour leather Novillo in Palladiumsilver.

"Silver turns to gold. The BMW Individual Moonstone metallic paint fi nish creates a magical effect, changing from a bluish silver to a warm golden yellow, and softening hard edges. This fascinating effect is due to the unique way in which this paint fi nish scatters incoming light rays. It is particularly pronounced when the car is moving – yet another reason to enjoy driving the BMW Individual M3 Convertible. A perfect grain. The elegance of the BMW Individual Maple wood Anthracite interior trim is also the result of a special light refraction effect. Its scallop-shaped grain pattern really comes to life in the light. The Palladium Silver
Novillo leather forms a perfect complement."


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I want Ruby Black Mettalic paint :biggrinbounce: I might forget about the gas milage
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