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Good Afternoon,

Does anyone know if a set of "Sport Pack" wheels off a 2003 BMW 745i will fit my current 2007 M5? I had these wheels on my 7 series and powder coated them black and still have them, I liked their "staggered" look.

My current M5 color is "Sepang Bronze Metallic" (I love it) and I would like to provide some wheel contrast without breaking the bank. The car is 100% stock with less than 23K miles. I have only a "light coat" of tint on the windows and "smoked" fender repeaters.

The other option is to powder coat the current wheels either a black metallic or dark grey metallic. I am open to suggestions for possible aftermarket wheels also that won't screw up my TPMS.

I thank you in advance for all you guidance!

My direct email is: [email protected]
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