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2007 E60 M5 Diagnostic help

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I just purchased a donor EURO M5 for my E30 M3 S85 project with starting inhibited, it has SMG malfunction red COG sign.
The engine will start in a limp mode with one of the SMG ECU connector disconnected.
the transmission stick moves but always at N and doesn't change to 1st to drive or any other
position. No one knows what the previous owner did to the car before selling it to the guy I purchased the car from.
I scanned her with ISTA+ with everything connected and showed those errors attached.
My Main Concern is these Errors:
9501 : SZL: Steering-angle sensor not adjusted.
94C1 : SZL: Coding-data error.
4F66 : SMG: Learning not run (Gearbox, longitudinal accelerator sensor).
4F67 : SMG: Learning not run (Clutch valve values, Clutch slipping point).
5007 : SMG: Rocker switch, Negative.
5E43 : DSC: Steering angle sensor: Adjustment.
when I scanned the car with SMG connector disconnected and engine started i get 7 error more related to SMG ECU and only one error related to engine which is
2713 : Air-mass flow sensor, Bank 2.
I will get the car by Tuesday, so i want you guys to set a plan for a diagnose.
When I put all the errors together i feel it is a coding/programming issue
more than a hardware failure. The car was sitting long time and possible battery weakness.


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Excessive RTV blocked the oil return passages, this explain the higher oil consumption. All holes on both sides were blocked as shown in one of the hole left to take picture.
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Can’t get enough of surprises, another unexpected damage. Oil pump sprocket teeth are damaged, I got full set of pits and pieces in my personal stock. Glad the oil pump shaft is stronger material and survived. New sprocket nut has locktite so you don’t have to waste money on that. I wanted to be prepared for any special material required for the job.
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Expected surprise, Vanos pump bearing race is CRACKED. Thanks to my job performance management plan, I got a spare race from Dr.Vanos.
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Look at the damage on the back of the race.

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Dr.Vanos race
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Is that fretting on the back of the race? What is the position relative to the crack?
Interesting results!


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New style post 11/05 oil pump/Vanos chain tensioner rails, bushings bolts replaced, Vanos shims discarded, see it in the picture.
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By the way that little spring seat was missing, wasn’t installed, I also found the taller rail cracked at the bushing side, another damage spot for building a theory. So the spring seat is missing, the rail is cracked, the Vanos back lash was off, back lash measured is 0.20mm. Yes. I will discuss this later.
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Cracked/fretted taller rail

Oil pump looks great
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Vanos backlash was off. 0.20mm. The good thing it was previously installed on the loose side and it was lucky or the Vanos gear would has chewed itself and cause damage. I believe this produced some wear on the pump and crankshaft drive gears. There was no plan to replace them at this time so I left them till next time when I pull the engine out for overhaul
Adjusted Vanos backlash to a higher limit 0.075-0.08mm.
Vanos timing on bank 1 adjusted, I have set the Vanos backlash to the loose side 0.075-0.08mm and turned the crankshaft 2 full revolutions and it didn't change so I left at that sitting.

Vanos timing on bank one readjusted since I used to have exhaust cam 10 degree deviation to the minimum of 123 degree. Now it is back to the higher limit of 132, I got it to 128. I test the Vanos adjuster by pressing the sleeve in and out and I can barely feel any pressure, so my next repair I will be replacing it on bank 1. Diesel sound on bank 1 improved by 90% I would say but also by the help of new Vanos solenoids.
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Timing readjusted on bank 1. The video shows the cold start for the first start up after the rod bearing job is done, it shows the camshaft of both banks perfect synchronization throughout the whole warm up stage. At the end the adjusters show their weakness not pushing on the camshafts hard enough on the advance and retard for both exhaust and intake at the final idle speed.
Another set of new fuel pump and filter installed because of the new injectors.
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Now the car is ready for more vroom vroom abuse.
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