07/06 build, has the packages that you will want with one of these. HUD, active sport seats, sunshades. heated seats,

Had an engine out service in 2019 since my engine builder prefers to change rod bearings with the engine on a stand, and only 1 bearing showed copper, at that time I had it fully sorted, had to be completely reliable since my driving on was the turnpike. Scoped the cylinders, and verified services done by the previous owner.

In 2020~ I bought Dinan monoblocks for it, they're forged, made by forge line I believe the GA1Rs, Satin black in 19". Much lighter than the stock wheels, a noticeable difference. Then I bought the ECS 2 piece rotors for the front since they match better than the coating on the factory rotors and save another 3-4 pounds per wheel. The ideal setup would have been FI-Rs and carbon ceramics but that's a 20k difference for only a hair bit more weight savings. And I do not track it or drive it hard, I just understand the importance of reducing rotational mass.

This car has a muffler delete, sits on racing dynamic springs, and a light ceramic tint. Also have a underdrive pulley laying around. Always passed NJ and Ny inspection with no problems.

LCI rear lights with oem adapters and miranda adapters, was eventually going to swap on lci headlights since I have 1 and the adapters.

Took me 2 years to find this car since I wanted black on black with the active sport seats and something lower miles. currently at 90k, lowest mileage car I currently own.

paint is an 8/10 since the roof could use a buff and there are 2 dings on the car that could be pdred. paint still looks like a mirror, practically no rock chips, always hand-washed it.

The Interior has to be at least a 9, it's super clean, no smells, everything works, no sagging, or peeling. OEM trunk matt as well with a full tool kit.

I have most of the service history and it includes what I would consider the big 3, rod bearings, throttle actuators, and clutch and slave. Verified newer Vanos gears with a new vanos line was installed with the bearings (King race bearings). In my ownership I haven't had a single issue. Thank that to preventative maintenance. Negotiable on price, I have the original wheels aswell.