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2006 BMW M5 With 5.5L STROKER V10 Engine that comes with 30,000 mile warranty. $15,000
Machined Block and all of the internals are brand new.
100 more torque and 130 horsepower gain.
Engine oil has been flushed 4 times during the break in process.
Redline 5w 50 ready to go in as final oil.
Just the oil flushes are $1,000
Transmission and differential fluids are going to be flushed by the end of the month.
Brakes are brand new in the back and front. Brake rotors and pads. $3,000.
Window seals and trims are new.
Clutch is brand new, PLCD SENSOR, SMG III rebuilt.
This car has very very expensive record book and records on hand.
Brand new front wheel hubs/bearings going in.

For more pictures and videos contact me.
Yes the car is being sold for $40,000
The amount of research and engineering that went into this project during the course of 2.5 years is amazing.

The car is clean title and fully optioned out interior. Every option this car could of came with it has it. Adaptive Xenon Lights and Smart Key. Looking to get mid $30s

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