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One more ticket and I lose my license... I have commuted 100 miles per day (50 each way) since I bought the car new. Mileage is at 102,000 now. If I could control my speed I would never sell it since I have killed a lot of the value by putting so many miles. Average speed on trip computer has always stayed over 60, all those miles are true high speed very little shifting/braking miles. I go against traffic in my commute. Just put 2nd set of tires on the car at 97,000 miles. Replaced front brakes at 90,000. Clutch is original and still seems to have some life in it. No slipping although it doesn't grab 2nd like it used to. Car is all original, I have all maintenance records from Global BMW in Atlanta. Used to have to add a quart of oil between changes, but I haven't had to since I hit about 50k miles. Everything is in perfect shape, has a couple of paint chips on the front from rocks and a couple of door dings. I did have the front bumper replaced because a chunk of tire on the highway cracked the lower cowling, it was done by Global or their designated body shop. I also had the rear bumper painted at Global because I was rear ended at a stop light, it was paint only no cuts or gouges in the plastic.

Photos at:

Asking $33,000 - you guys tell me if it is too much but it seems fair to me, the car is really great and I have taken excellent care of it.
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