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As much as I hate to do this, I decided to sell my M5. One reason is I barely drive it (6k miles in 14 months), and the other reason is because I am thinking of buying a boat and wanted something I could tow with. Also, the family is getting bigger and a SUV makes more sense.

So here is the info. I bought the car back in August of last year. The previous owner had bought it when he worked at BMW of Nashville. He purchased a full mechanical warranty on it and had many major maintenance items taken care of which was one of the main reasons I bought the car and for the fact it was very clean. I have a large folder of receipts from the previous owner to show the work done. Since then I have done quite a few maintenance issues as well, I usually do the work myself, thanks to the help of these forums. :biggrinbounce: I have owned 3 e46 M3's before this, so I am not unfamiliar with M cars. The car was completely stock when I bought it, and I have pretty much kept it that way except for a few small improvements. Anyways here are the details and pics below.

2002 BMW M5
109,xxx miles
All options except PDC and sunshade
Suede headliner
M Audio

Maintenance Items I have addressed (all completed in the last 6000 miles)
Luk Clutch
Luk Flywheel
OEM Transmission Mounts
Differential Mounts
Input and Output Shaft Diff Seals Replaced
Flywheel CPS
Diff Fluid
Transmission Fluid
Oil Change (3 times, less than 200 miles on last service)
Full Detail (using Wolfgang's 3 step system)
Mirror Repaired by Radar Mirror

545i shifter (changed at all bushings)
F10 shift knob
Euro Headlight Lens Covers from Umnitza
EvoX-R Projectors (so it now has Bi-Xenons, such an amazing difference!)
Intravee with custom iPhone 5 holder from ProClip (can buy a different mount if you have a different phone)
....and best of all Muffler Delete (sounds amazing as most of you know, but I do have the stock mufflers still if you want it stealth again)

The car is in excellent condition for it's age, and I know I am going to regret selling it, but I have already bought a X5 4.8is and my wife is on me about selling this one. :sad3: It will need new rear tires, they are at the wear bars, but the fronts still have plenty of tread. Also has some missing pixels in the cluster, but you can still read it ok.

I am also including a set of brand new Koni yellow shocks that I never got around to installing (a little over $700 in value) and an OEM sunshade.

Asking $17,000.

Want any more pics or details, let me know.

DSC_0925 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

DSC_0937 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

DSC_0944 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

DSC_0947 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

DSC_0964 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

DSC_0988 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

DSC_0980 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

DSC_0977 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

Those pics were taken last week, here are a couple of more I have taken since I have owned it.

Drgaon Run 7 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

Dragon run 4 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

Drag Run 2 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

image by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

DSC_0347 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

M5 2 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

M5 3 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

M5 4 by MikeandGabby, on Flickr

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I must say you have quite an eye for photography. Great job especially on the one with the car on the grass beside the dual shade highway. Good luck with sale. If you're anywhere near SoCal I will be calling now. Then again, i just saw a fellow San Diego guy expressing interest. Good luck to both parties.

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Whose Z32? If it's yours, you have exactly the same vehicles as I do: E39 M5, E53 4.8iS and Z32

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It's unfortunate, but as this seems to happen all to often, a seller likely consummates a deal and doesn't update their posting. There appear to be several interested parties, but the OP (although promising to do so) has failed to keep us informed.

If anyone knows the OP and can reach out and update all of us, it would be appreciated.
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