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Hey guys, the vanos system on my nephews E46 M3 sheared off the tabs on the exhaust hub ,so the entire system had to be rebuilt. All the parts used for the rebuild are listed below. Now that that it's back together there is a strange knocking \ rattling sound between 2300 - 3000 rpm. It's very apparent in person and sounds terrible. The timing chain tensioner felt like it was functioning properly.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this noise? Specific things to test? Throw the car into the lake and buy a new one?

We are trying to avoid just throwing random parts and money at this.

Parts for rebuild -
Besian's Vanos sealing plate repair kit
Besian's Vanos seals repair kit
Turbo toys' TTV3 hub
Vanos gasket
Dr Vanos' cam bolts
Dr Vanos spring plate sets
Dr Vanos cam sprockets
Dr Vanos intake and exhaust splined gears
Dr Vanos upper chain guide
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