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2001 Titanium Silver BMW M5(8/2000 Build date)
89,550 miles(may increase slightly as I do still love to drive!!)
Located in North Alabama
Exterior 8.5/10
Interior 9/10
Excellent Condition(as seen in the photos)
Enthusiast Owned
Accident Free
M-Audio(Premium Sound)
Dark Poplar Wood trim
Split Fold down rear street
Alcantara headliner
Built in K40 radar detector
Ice cold AC
Every single button/switch in the vehicle works as it should
Runs Excellent and handles like its on rails!
Asking $22,000
Contact me @ [email protected]

I’ve owned this car for a year and do not want to sell it… life happens. Funds will help to finance wife’s master’s degree. Please see below for a detailed maintenance breakdown of what I have done under my ownership, have all receipts.

Muffler Delete
Carbon Fiber rear diffuser
USB and AUX jack

87,682 miles(October 2015)
Giubo/Flex Disk(w/ collar nuts)
Transmission mounts/bushings
Oil pan gasket w/ all new bolts
Oil Change(Castrol TWS 10w-60)
Mann oil filter
Cabin filters
Air filters
Brake disk set screws
Oil cap and gasket
PCV oil separator hoses(both sides)
Power Steering Reservoir, return hose, and feed hose
Powerflex Upper control arm bushings(Thrust arm)
Royal Purple Differential fluid change
Royal Purple Transmission fluid change
Brake fluid flush/change(ATE TYP 200)
Clean MAF’s

88,386 miles(December 2015)
Front end links(sway bar links)

88,589 miles(March 2016)
Thermostat replacement
Coolant Pipe O-rings
Coolant flush/change
Serpentine belts(AC & PS)
Fuel filter

88,767 miles(April 2016)
Center link(Inner Tie Rod)
Tie Rods(Left/Right)
Idler Arm
Idler Arm bushing
*All new hardware as well

88,844(April 2016)
Lower Control Arms(Left/Right///Track Rods)
Powerflex Lower Control Arm bushings(Left/Right)
Upper Strut bearings(Left/Right)
Spring pads(Left/Right)

88,965(April 2016)
4-wheel alignment

Previous owner replaced the tires 7/7/15 with Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport at around 84,000 miles, around 5K miles on them… in excellent condition.

Previous owner replaced front brake pads just a few days before I picked the car, just shy of 87,000 miles(9/1/15)… only about 2,500 miles on the pads

Cam position sensors were replaced around 72K miles on 3/6/14

I have extensive(not comprehensive) records. PO was a BMW employee and provided me a printout of services performed at the dealership between 1,444 and 50,764 miles.

The title is clean and this vehicle is accident free… I do have a note out on the car at my local credit union and have a copy of the title if anyone would like to see that it is clean. The bank will have the title sent to any branch by 10AM the following day once the note is paid in full.

PO pulled into a parking spot too far and the front bumper caught the concrete stop causing it to sag/mis-align a minor amount… I assume it caused damage to a tab/bracket of some sort. It doesn’t bother me enough to fix at this point, instead choosing to spend my time/money on the mechanical maintenance items. Broken passenger side headlight washer nozzle, still have the it... just not on car

Typical paint wear/rock chips on the front bumper as expected

Drivers side view mirror motor doesn’t work

2 minor spots/pressure dents on rear bumper , hardly noticeable from 5 feet away

Typical slight paint bubbling behind gas door(see photo)

Heli-coil in oil drain plug hole, PO stripped(common) the lower pan… the car doesn’t leak any fluid but on occasion I will see a droplet on the drain plug due Heli-coil design… No oil spotting on the ground where I park the car


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