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2001 Specs

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It was with great excitement that I recently placed my M5 order (no thanks to all the happy comments from owners on this board). I expect delivery in February 2001 (a long way off) and I know that 2001 production will start in September of this year. My question is what, if any, changes are expected for 2001? Also, can I modify my order to reflect any additions or options that will be new for 2001?


P.S. - tfung, I'm glad you take the time to make those videos, very cool.
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Tate, you should be able to get a "build week" number. You can make changes to the order up to about +/- four weeks before production. Don't know about changes to the car, but I think they will be minor cosmetics only.
Changes for 2001 are mostly cosmetic. Most notable is the revised headlight assembly which will resemble the updated 3 and 7 series with the dip under each lens.

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