Selling my 2001 BMW E39 M5 with 210,500 miles. $14k OBO.

This is a well used driver E39 M5. Rust and cosmetic issues. Can be daily driven today if you want to. Nowhere near a show car, nowhere near the $30k+ examples in quality. This was my daily driver for 2.5 years but is only used sparingly now since I moved. I put 36k on it without issue.

Full pictures here:
VIN: WBSDE93471BZ98460

About the car:
-Rust issues. Rust hole at trunk latch, rust on right rocker at rear door, right rear lift point, right rear wheel arch. There's rust in the fuel door area. Please see pictures.
-Cosmetics: see pictures. Dings, scratches, about what you'd expect for a car with this mileage. There's a dent on the c pillar in one of the pictures that's hard to see. Small chip in windshield on driver side.
-Front end creaking noise: most likely the right sway bar bushing. Everything major in the front end has been replaced over the last few years but these.
-Intermittent door lock actuator on the front right door
-Parking brake has always been weak on this car. I'd replace cables and shoes as next step, adjustment didn't do much of anything.
-Prior alarm issues: the alarm system has been temperamental. I disconnected the siren because it used to go off all the time on really hot days. I ended up fixing the source issue which was the trunk wiring harness, but I never reconnected the siren. System works fine now.
-Dead pixels in cluster

If you're still interested here's the good:
-Full maintenance records since 2010 when it had 60k miles
-Major recent work over last 2.5 years: new driveshaft, guibo and CSB, transmission and diff fluid, diff resealed, control arm bushings, rear ball joints, sway links, inner and outer tie rods, idler arm, front brakes, new MAFs, VANOS resealed, spark plugs, filters, and more
-Despite the many rust and cosmetic issues it drives great and you can immediately start daily driving this thing

Modifications: Dinan lowering springs, koni shocks, Eibach rear sway bar, Eonon Android OEM style head unit, IAT sensor relocated to air filter housing, square OE style 65 wheels 18x9.5 with 275 Michelin AS4 front and rear, real style 65s, fully refinished last summer. Has a Shark tune which is for different throttle mapping in sport mode and also disables the SAI system.

All original parts are available if you want them minus the shocks.

Rod bearings are believed to be original. I get an oil analysis every oil change and it always comes back clean.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Asking $12k OBO, make an offer I won't be offended.