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2001 carbon black M5 for sale

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2001 carbon black with black extended leather.
120k miles with FSH - recent oil service, brake fluid and coolant.
Diff and gearbox oils replaced last year.
Just changed engine oil as fitted new oil level sensor.
Recent genuine mafs, air filters, fuel filter and all 4 lambdas.
New thermostat.
Wheels refurbed year ago.
6 months mot and tax.
Dorset UK.

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Your M5

HI Justin

The car looks great - I am looking for a nice E39 to use as a daily driver. I am moving back to Northampton from Italy in 3 weeks time and have decided for an E39 as a daily driver.
I am in the UK on Weds and Thurs next week with the intention of purchasing a car.
I would like to know the following please:
- when was clutch last done?
- brake pads and disks?
- Vanos issues?
- has the car ever been machine polished? What is condition of front end stone chipping?
- how much life left in tyres?
- next service due is insp 1 or 2?
- how long have you owned car and how many owners?
- what is service history like - complete? are there any invoices to back up work done?
- have you resolved the recent niggles you were having?

I look forward to your response and please let me know your availability on Weds and Thurs re a viewing.

Best regards

Simon Shenton

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Simon hi.

Unknown on clutch and discs, plenty of life in pads, redstuff I believe.
Vanos - about half second on very cold start up, think 2.5 is permissable.
Does need a machine polish, I have all the stuff just lack the patience - as you know black and sunshine shows it off, is noticable but not deep - think a polish with fillers would hide most of it.
Front bumper must have been resprayed as not really any stone chips - must be a good colour match as can't tell.
Rear tyres good tread (F1's) fronts pretty low, but have been since getting car, don't seem to go down (dunlop)!
Just had oil service, unsure of which is next inspection.
Had it about 18 months, intended to keep it for a long time but a woman has left me needing funds (no, honestly!).
About 6 owners I think = guess people buy it, run it for a year, then get sick of 20mpg :7:
FSH not really many invoices, I'm not one for keeping all that stuff unfortunately.
Niggles all sorted which is annoying now it's going....
OSF brake pad rattle - new guide pin bushes.
Knocking under seats - exhaust mounts.
Creak in rear - parcel shelf needed relocating by scren, clip was out.
Misting up - rear door vapour seals done.
Radio going off 15000 times a mile for last year - cleaned connectors, that was annoyingly easy considering how long I put up with it.
Only thing that doesn't work is phone - can't suss it out, tried new sim.
Is in nice condition, but don't be thinking it's a minter, is 9.5 years old with 120k miles.
But I am very critical of my cars, but it's there to do a job which it does very well IMO.

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I went to see this car at the weekend, and it is every bit as good as the pictures suggest. I've also done an HPI on it and it comes up clear. I also did a good hour of diagnostics on it and it didn't throw any codes at all.

Justin seems a pretty decent bloke, he's mechanically sympathetic (and mechanically aware as well) and perheps most importantly he was honest about the car - it's not perfect but it is the cleanest, best looked after M5 I've come across. Well, actually the second cleanest, best looked after...I bought the cleanest one. He's addressed any little niggles there have ever been woth the car, and he's really looked after it. He's perhaps a little obsessive in getting things right, but that's no bad thing is it?

Issues are mentioned in the advert, and they're really not a biggie. It's also got the alcantara headlining, which I'm not sure if he mentioned.

It's excellent value and if you're after a really nice M5 at a really good price then you might just have found it.



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I recognise that reg plate, this car was for sale about 18 months ago when i was looking for an M5, think it was in Devon, ? It was a guy on the Passionford forum who used to own it. It was too far for me to travel at the time,goodluck with the sale.

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