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New guy here, looking for an M5 daily driver. This site has been an indispensable educational resource so far. Major thanks to all of you who contribute so much knowledge and passion!

I'm in Portland, OR but looking nationwide. Some of my preferences:

  • MY 2001-2003
  • History/records of solid, regular care more important than mileage
  • No prior accidents, clean title
  • Nothing major broken or degraded
  • Exterior in anthracite, sterling or carbon black (in order of preference)
  • Interior in black (prefer to avoid two-tone)
  • Can take or leave options, but prefer rear airbags
  • Can take or leave upgrades, but prefer to avoid exterior cosmetic alterations
I'm hoping to limit my spend to $20k.


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Thanks, but I wound up buying waltzy23's black beauty!
Congrats I wanted to pull the trigger on that one then the one on BAT came up local to me so I went after that one. So I ended up missing out on both since you got his and the one on BAT I lost for $500 cause of miscommunications with the spouse. So I'm still looking. You have a great car enjoy.
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