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I have a 2000 E39 M5 with 139000 miles that was recently in a front end collision. Car is black on black with walnut trim. It has a BSW audio iPhone connection. I was actually looking to sell it before the collision, but unfortunately bad luck struck first. Anyway, I frankly don't know what a reasonable asking price would be so I'm gauging interest and seeking advice with this post.

The car has fairly new Michelin PS2s, I'd say 95% new
CNS racing exhaust
H&R coil over suspension
Umnitza bi-xenon angel eye headlights (still intact)
E60 Short Shift Kit
ZHP M Shift Knob
RedLine Goods Leather Shift Boot, Armrest Cover, and E-Brake Boot

Wheels are in good shape, minor curb rash here and there
Engine runs smoothly, pulls as well as it ever did
No SES lights or anything of that nature

Recent work includes new Slave Cylinder, New Cam Shaft Position Sensor (I don't remember which one was most recent. 3 have been replaced in last 2 years). Was planning on replacing front control arm bushings with beefier X5 bushings (which I already have and will come with the car) but hadn't gotten to it.


I haven't had any professional look the car over (yet) or give me an estimate, so this description is based solely upon my own inspection after the collision.

The impact was in front of the passenger side tire. The impact speed was in the realm of 10 to 15 Miles per hour.
The front quarter panel is toast, and if driven would rub on the front tire (it hasn't been driven since.)
The Wheel well plastic is toast, much of the underbody plastic was already on its way out.
Some hoses in the front corner were broken, not sure what they went to. Two vacuum hoses busted is my count. Green fluid in them.
Part of the plastic radiator housing cracked, where the hose comes out on the driver's side next to the fan. Thus no Rad Fluid
Front bumper is cracked in multiple spots and is pushed away from the metal about 1/3 inch.
Driver's side plastic wheel well fell down about 5 minutes after the accident. Not sure how this happened, I think it just decided to give up.
There was fluid dripping from around the oil pan, but I can't confirm if it was oil or not. Upon inspection of all the fluids on the ground after the car was towed, all I found was radiator fluid.
I can't say if the frame at the front is at all twisted. The hood is intact and still latches, which is a good sign, but the quarter panel is under the hood on the passenger side. Could be just the bent up panel or could be frame. Not sure.

Aside from the plastic radiator housing, all the major mechanicals appear intact. No issues with the interior, all doors and everything behind the front fenders is perfectly fine. The car starts up just fine, but I won't run it with no radiator and questionable oil.

SO... Any offers for the car, or advice on what is fair for this car are welcome. Terrible photos of the damage are below, plus one or two nostalgia photos of a recent road trip for reference of overall condition behind the damaged fender...






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