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I bought this back in late 2016 and have been using it as a lower mileage DD while seeing how things have been sorted. Lots of small warts to take care of, but nothing too bad.

It's been a FL car until last summer, at which point it was a SC car, and now a NC car. I'm the 5th owner. It was owned by a BMW specialty shop owner for ~5 years to show off Dinan equipment, and by another gent for about 8 years who seemed to take good care of it (did the proper maintenance), while enjoying it. A couple other people make up the last few years. 11/99 build.

Originally alpine white / caramel, currently estoril blue / black/silver alcantara. Original wood trim was covered with hand laid carbon fiber (not vinyl). Wheels are gunmetal gray. Facelift exterior was done a long while ago, presumably when paint/S2 upgrade was done. Stereo wasn't touched, at all. Grr.

Dinan S2 was done around 36k miles. Includes Dinan headers, clutch/flywheel, exhaust, carbon intakes, throttle bodies, front/rear stiffeners, front/rear sway bars, suspension (JRZ) and floor mats. I might be missing some things. Software is probably not Dinan (I've been told). Originally had the monoballs and the brakes, but they were removed before I owned it and replaced w/ stock.

Long term it needs a transmission (3rd gear synchro crunches under power shifts, fine during normal driving), and I'd like to get the interior back to the stock caramel (or at least a black/caramel mix). The black/gray alcantara is not my favorite, so if anyone wants to trade, I'm listening. Same with wheels.

Bought Dec 2016, 108k miles.
Since purchase

  • Rod Bearings
  • all fluids
  • parking brake overhaul (they were missing?!?!)
  • removed tint (too dark)
  • air filters
  • rear shift carrier bushing
  • replaced shifter knob w/ ZHP lighted knob
  • facelift steering wheel
  • replaced rear view glass with integrated LEDs for integrated K40 1000/2000 radar
  • Replaced SAP, hoses.
  • chain tensioner
  • Replaced various hoses, etc.
To do:

  • transmission swap (3rd gear synchro)
  • headliner sagging (it's light gray alcantra)
  • stereo??
  • repaint bumper (chipped)
  • light tint (it's usually outside, so something to keep sun down/out)
  • differential bushing
  • shifter carrier bushings
  • squeaky / creaky door fix (some torn rubber)
  • automatic headlights
  • rear defoster (I damaged the wires when removing the tint - stupid me!).
  • revamp interior to black/caramel
  • get rid of airbag light (passenger mat bypass done, driver buckle latch is next).
  • valve covers
The other main issues were done before I owned it

  • CPS, front end bushing overhaul, clutch & RMS, etc.


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Since first post... lots of stuff done.
To done:
  • shifter bushings replaced with jed's unicorn nuggets
  • rear diff bushings replaced. Front w/ jeds unicorn, rear w/ OE.
  • vanos resolder and new seals on passenger unit. Driver's side was fine, and didn't want to come out anyway.
  • new headlight adjusters
  • recovered headliner / ABC panels with non-alcantara (will replace soon w/ old OEM)
  • got rid of airbag light (soldered in resistors after trying 2 other latches)
  • valve covers / plugs
  • Xtrons E39 stereo w/ aftermarket amp, new 6.5" front separates, and 10" RF subs in OEM location. May look at M-audio later, this works. A bit glitchy, but better than just the radio and 2 working CDs!
  • sunroof slider fix (ugh). Sunroofs can fly at 45 mph.
  • went back to OEM shifter, didn't like it, back to ZHP
  • rear drivers window regulator
  • euro dash conversion
To do:
  • headliner and A/B/C panels replaced w/ OEM - have parts
  • rear dash recover from PO using pleather.
  • repaint bumper (chipped) has been replaced with replace front bumper and right quarter fender due to wife hitting bollard. :x
  • light tint (it's usually outside, so something to keep sun down/out)
  • automatic headlights - have parts
  • door sills are in tough shape - all of them. On lookout for decent set.
  • rear defoster (I damaged the wires when removing the tint - stupid me!) - will need new rear window, too hard to fix, too much missing.
  • revamp interior to black/caramel - I have the leather to re-do the seats and door insets. Will leave lower dash, doors (other than insets), armrest (waiting on euro) and carpet black.
  • transmission swap (3rd gear synchro is bad when fast shifting)
  • control arm suspension refresh
  • refinish wheels (they aren't OEM finish, but are OEM wheels) + new tires
  • repaint back to alpine white (unlikely)
Body has taken some dents and dings from various parking lots and neighborhood kids. And wife. Rest of 2019 is interior upgrade.

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Got the interior redone. Working on pictures, as it's not all back together. Done in a caramel leather matched to OEM. Front / rear all completed. Kept seat backs black due to having children, and I really liked the caramel + black interior I had seen before.

Front passenger seat is out at the moment - it makes a car surprisingly more useful for moving things like an 80 lb dog without a front seat. It's got a twist issue going on that needs to be fixed.

Drivers leg bolster drive motor replaced. Was burned out.
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