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Car has been an amazing machine to own for past 4 years. It needs some minor work. Drivetrain and body is in great shape. No accidents ever. I have driven mustang 5.0, e46 m3, e90 m3 but instant torque that this engine provides is just too amazing for a car. I bought this car on my first test drive 4 years ago and it has been a great car. Car is amazingly reliable for it's age and it has never let me down.

I have tried my best to describe the car to the best of my knowledge. I do not want to cheat anyone in anyway and this is why i am listing every detail that i think you should know about the car.

I have spent a lot of time and money fixing this car over the past two years. It is an amazing car for it's age. I have raced with e90 m3 and ford mustang 5.0s and it keeps up with them. engine and transmission are in great shape. Burns less than a quart every 1000 miles. Yes, it is normal for this car to burn oil just like a lot of other bmw performance engines.

NO, it does not burn excessive oil (1 quart per 1000 miles liquid-moly)
NO, it does not burn/leak coolant ( I never touch coolant)
NO, there are no leaks in any other fluids
NO, it does not have any accidents on carfax, car has never been in any accidents
NO, it does not have rust. it's fairly clean underbody and panels.

here is list of work that has been done, i have receipts for most of the parts from ecstuning, fcp euro and other vendors. I did most of the work myself and some work was done by a fellow m5board member (clemster)

1. spark plugs (NGK Iridium)
2. Fuel filter
3. Alternator (used with 50K from m5board member)
4. Battery ( a year old, advance auto parts gold)
5. 16:9 nav screen upgrade
6. timing chain tensioner was done 2 years ago
7. vanos boards are from 2003 model and seals were in very good shape, welds were in great shape as well ( bought from clemster)
8. power steering lines are like new
9. power steering reservoir is like new and power steering system was flushed when i did this work.
10. Clutch hydraulic line is new
11. Rear main seal was replaced when clutch was done (got parts receipts but work was done by a fellow m5board member)
11.5 New Driveshaft
11.6. Clutch is new
12. Guibo is new

13. Transmission mounts are new
14. transmission oil was changed with royal purple a year ago
15. Diff oil was changed with royal purple a year ago
16. x pipe was custom build by a muffler shop, adds a nice rumble but keeps neighbors sleeping
17. grom audio aux kit that plays music and uses existing DSP
18. MAFs are like new
19. All 4 CPS are like new

20. Engine mounts are like new
21. Rear sway arms links are new
22. rear guide rod and control arm are new
23. rear sway bar brackets are new
24. Brakes are new all around
25. valve cover gaskets are two years old.
26. Completely new Front end suspension including new struts.
27. Brand new tires all around.

28. Sport seats from another M5 in fairly good shape.

here are things it still needs

1. Front bumper has crack in it, M sticker on front bumper hides it very well, you can't tell that bumper is cracked.
2. I have two sets of keys, One key randomly does not work, other key works fine every time.
3. Rear view mirror has some imperfections in it but it works fine at nighttime to stop glare.
4. Front windshield seals are all worn, I am using electric tape to hide the cracks, They don’t leak.
5. Sunroof does not work. Not at all, i have put electric tape around the outside edges to seal it shut.
6. Some paint imperfections due to it's age especially on door handles, This is not a garage queen.
7. Dash Creaks in extreme cold weather.
8. Airbag light comes on in extreme cold (25F or below). Goes away when car warms up.
9. Power steering pump makes very slight noise in extreme cold. Goes away after 20 seconds.

What does car absolutely need to drive across country?
Lots of gas.

Yes, Price is firm. If not sold, i will keep it. Not in rush to sell

I can send Pictures with TEXT. One picture provided below.

Please send me an email if you are interested. I will reply back as soon as possible. I am located in Bowie, MD and drive to Columbia MD everyday so i can show the car at either of those locations.

Care Picture1
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