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I have a set of rear mufflers for the E39 M5. 2000-2003 these fit. The left side of my car was rear ended and the left exhaust has a couple scratches on the tips of the exhaust, and the left sides inside tip's aluminum shell was bent a bit. Everything is straight when you look at it from the rear of the car. the exhaust hanger on the left needs to be bent back to straight though. . the right side is perfect.

these are $1850 new from Supersprint. They were on the car when i bought it back in December and have been off the car since May, collecting dust. I'm in the middle of moving to LA so they need to go ASAP.
Other than a minor scratches on the left and re-bending the hanger bracket they are in great condition. They sound amazing, super deep and throaty and at high revs have a bit of rasp.

I'd like to get $1000 for them OBO. I don't need to let them go for an insane # so please don't lowball me. I'm willing to work out a deal or partial trade possibly, simply ask what I need.

They are located in Denver/Evergreen. I'll be happy to meet you locally or send more pics to you, I'll ship anywhere in the USA/CANADA, and if you really want to pay to pay shipping to UK/EUROPE ....BUYER PAYS SHIPPING.

YOU CAN CALL ME DIRECTLY @ 303-305-9979 or text works too.

somebody tell me how to post pics on here.... can't find the link


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