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Before you rail me for not searching, I have, and I've read thread upon thread of people posting information about their rims.

What I'm looking for are close up shots, of 20" rim setups, with the offset, and the LIP depth, for the front AND back.

I've never been a big fan of the "deep dish" fat lip look, but I do like having slightly wider rear rims/tires on vehicles that merit it.

I'm probably going to pickup some HRE wheels here in the next couple of weeks, but I'm unsure of what offset/depth I want to go with. So I was hoping people could post a few pics and tell me how deep your lips are, so I can judge what looks best for my personal taste, and have HRE build accordingly.

I really like the Monobloks, mostly because I like thin lips or no lip at all, and the thought of the rim being slightly symmetric and in-line with the fender/body panel, but I think on this particular car a 3 piece setup looks better thus why I'm asking for these shots.

Thanks for your time.

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