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2 E60 m5s in san diego/ la jolla

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couldn't tell what color they were at night but both were last sunday night at around 10:30pm

one was on la jolla village drive with a dinan badge on the left side, looked stock but the exhaust was MEAN, turned onto lebon and i pulled up next to him and gave him a thumbs up and he rolled down his window and i was like "sounds ****ing nice man!" he smiled and floored it for me at the next light lol

another one was right after that guy left and this one was on nobel going west, also looked stock with a sickass exhaust :)

anyone here? i joined this forum just to see if it was anyone here lol

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Welcome to da M5board Jon! I recognize your screen name from MyMB:haha:.
Hope to see you at the HMS memorial day weekend BBQ. Vic is also a member here.


hey wutsup bro!

thanks for the welcome man i doubt i can make the hms bbq but we'll see :)!
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