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The First LONE STAR EURO FEST 2016 is going to be at the Circuit Of The Americas on Saturday 18 June 2016 Fathers Day weekend from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. This is a Preregistration only event for all Euros.

Lone Star Euro Fest will have a Limited 100 Exclusive Parade Laps Package (Euro Cars Only).

*Preregistration is required by Sunday 15 May 2016 Deadline to Preregister.

Don't miss out on your exciting chance to drive your car on the Limited 100 Exclusive Parade Lap.

*You Do Not Need A Helmet For the Parade Lap.

**You will be driving 2 Laps around the track during the parade lap.

***The Limited 100 Exclusive Parade Lap Package includes: *New* This Package will now includes the Huge Autocross Event Entrance for Driver and Passenger (Parking Lot A Course Only). This Course Requires No Helmet but we will have some on hand. Car Show / Gathering Entrance with 2 wrist bands one for driver and passenger, 2 Exclusive 100 Parade Lap wrist bands one for driver and passenger, 1 Exclusive 100 Parade Lap limited addition T-shirt for the Driver Only, 1 Limited Edition Lanyard, 1 Limited Edition sticker that will placed on the top left side corner of your windshield during the parade lap, and you will get 4 raffle tickets.

There is no passing on the parade lap, the parade lap is not a race. This is not a Speed Zoned parade lap with cones. We will not be doing speeds exceeding 80 mph. We will not tolerate any intentional slowing down of your vehicle making and getting a large distance between the vehicle in front just to launch your vehicle at a high rate of speed. DON'T BE THAT GUY OR GAL, you will get caught, we are watching, we will be waiting on you at the end of your parade lap when we pull you off to the side.

It is highly important that everyone understand the concept of Parade Lap. Participants should be made aware, that all security camera on track are recording and that if they fail to comply with rules, their vehicles tag identification will be noted. BMW CCA will have additional instructor cars mixed in the parade lap to insure no one is breaking the rules. DON'T BE THAT GUY OR GAL, you will be fined by Circuit Of The Americas.


**We need everyone to Preregistering for this event Asap :thumsup:

Sunday 15 May 2016 Deadline to Preregister your slot is coming up Fast

Here is the link to Preregister Limited 100 Exclusive Parade Lap Package

**For additional information on the rest of Lone Star Euro Fest 2016 events click on this link:

LSEF | Texas Finest Magazine
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