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19's vs 18's

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Now, I have been told putting on 19's on the beast would basically mean replacing my tires every 10000 kms. Is this true? I just bought new 18 inch rims, and love them, but I see alot of cars with larger wheels, and I gotta say, I LIKE IT.

I do drive my car about 20000 kms per year, but I can't afford to go through two sets of tires every year.

Your thoughts?
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I would normally agree with everyone here, but... I just switched from the factory 18s to 19s and am having trouble with tire wear. I had Pilots on my 18s and they lasted about 20k or so. I put SO3s on the 19s and they are struggling to last 10k as of now. I had the alignment done when I got the new wheels and tires... everything was in spec. I am actually a bit frustrated. My driving habits/style has not changed at all as far as I know either. I am sure that some of the difference has to do with the differences in the two tire models, but 10k worth of difference... I don't think so. I am surprised that no one else has experience this... maybe the SO3s just suck at the lasting of the longness.

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