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Hello Everyone,

New to BMWs and they're growing on me. My boss gave me the car mentioned above and I'm looking to get it running as it should. Need to do suspension work. Feels like the usual control arm bushings and I plan to to struts and springs.
Engine sometimes will start and only feel like 3 cylinders are firing until you turn it off and then it runs ok. But I think there is always one dead cylinder. I'm thinking it would be a good idea to change all the coil packs and injectors depending on the cost. I know with cars these old even parts that check ok when tested have undetectable issues at times

I do think that long term I may want to turbo charge the motor so possibly getting top feed injectors that have room to grow 550cc + but how easy is it to get a chip or tune that I can use the bigger injectors on a stock setup, that I dont know??

Are there much aftermarket suspension bushing options similar to energy suspension or white line vs orm rubber or changing the entire part??

Also how would you guys rate coilovers on the high ways hear in the US... I just moved to Florida and had coils on my 93 300zx but I dont know how safe that would be or comfortable going 85mph and hitting an uneven lane. Bags are an idea but maybe more money and more work.

So any insight in these areas would be great and any websites that are staple go too's for bmw/e39 parts and upgrades would be great. Thank you

Can email me directly at [email protected]
If that works better.
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