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Hello all

I have not been a frequent poster in years do to additions to the family and now that they are getting a bit more self sufficient its starting to allow a bit more time with the cars. My oldest is in first grade and he helped dad get the old "super cool" car out of the garage for the first time in almost a year to wash it. Battery had died weeks ago and its not been driven this past year due to acquisition of an E60 M5 project along with needing a full rear suspension rebuild due to blown passenger accumulator and all self levelling hoses are weeping.

Today was the day to get her back in running condition and on a path to being able to enjoy the 3.8 at full on. The car has 134k miles currently and has been super reliable throughout the years and has just required the normal servicing for some wear items. The last time the car had a serious once over was back in 2002 when I first got it and late in 2006 when I dropped the rear subframe, did every bushing and had the diff completely refreshed with new seals etc along with sending out the driveshaft for a complete rebuild and also had the rod bearings done on a preventative basis as the car had close to 90k miles on it.

I am planning to do the following over the next couple months and will use this thread to provide updates and status on my Euro 3.8 6 speed here in Texas:

All radiator hoses, heater hoses and aux water pump
New AC drier and refrigerant service
Complete throttle body mechanical service/alignment, valve adjustment and tune and throttle body vacuum sync
All front controls arms
Drop rear subframe and do all bushings etc
Install rebuilt spare set of fr/rr EDC shocks that I sent back to Nagengast close to 2 years ago
Rebuild all calipers and install all new OEM brake hoses
Install all new self leveling / power steering hoses and accumulators

Install freshly rebuilt instrument cluster board (my brake lining light and ABS light are stuck on due to caps gone bad in the all original cluster)
Install new motor mounts and trans mounts

I am sure there will be other stuff along the way but wanted to say hello to fellow E34 M5 owners. I did take it out for a short 30 mile drive today and it brings back all the good memories from when I first bought it back in 2002.

Pic after a quick wash and vacuum of GD64645




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GDA, looks great! Where in Texas are you located? I'm presuming North Texas based on the background. I'm in FW. We should get together sometime if you're in DFW. I have several of these cars, including a cosmos '95 on anthrazit hurricane (GD64665). Shoot me a PM if you'd like.
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