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Hello I don't visit this forum often so please email me at [email protected] or call me at 603-893-8704 with your interest.

I have a 1991 M5 that I purchased from a very good friend of mine.
It has a black exterior with a grey interior.

VIN # WBSHD9318MBK05178

He originally purchased the car from Concord Motorsports in NH around 2000 and was the 2nd or 3rd owner. The car was/is 100% stock accident free with all the VIN Tags in place.
The car was registered and driven up until 2015. The unfortunately due to business projects and living mostly at a 2nd residence the car was left outside and not used since.
My plan was to go through the car, address any needed issues and sell it. However when I had the car delivered to Schneller Motorsports for a full inspection it was determined that the car was beyond restoration value.

The main issue is that mice invaded the car and nested in and behind the dash, the HVAC system, in the battery box area fouling the interior and wiring. Moisture also penetrated the car. Making the labor and cost of materials to repair the car beyond it's value. The seats and most of the interior pieces are in good to excellent shape expect for the one of the door cards that has de-laminated. The hood, trunk lid, M-tech bumpers front and rear and side skirts are in good shape. The doors have begun to rust on the lower edges.

The engine ran fine with no issues while the car was on the road, the transmission shifted fine and the driveshaft and diff had no know issues.
The car started right up a few weeks ago and although it was only run briefly a compression test showed 180+ PSI good numbers for all cylinders.

Given that he car could not be salvaged I began to disassemble it with the intention of parting it out. The hood, bumpers, seats, and front nose have been removed in anticipation of selling these parts and pulling the drive train.

While in the process of dissembling the car an individual expressed interest in buying the entire car to swap the engine and transmission into another BMW but they could not move forward with the project logistically.

The car is currently in my wife's spot in my heated garage so the idea of selling it whole versus parting it out has become more appealing since she wants it gone and I found I really don't have the time or energy to part it out.

And for a swap project it would make more sense for someone to take everything in the event they might need it and sell the unused items to recoup some cost.

I have an enclosed trailer and would be willing to deliver withing a reasonable distance. Pictures of the interior and exterior are not going to show much since the car has been partially disassembled.

So I'm offering the car for sale as a parts car for $7500 or BRO.
I believe there is someone around 10K to 12k in parts value in the car so someone interested in doing a swap could sell all the rest get the drive-train for next to nothing.
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