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Hello Everyone,

New to the forums and have a specific question. Does anyone have hands on experience with the difference between oil cooler lines for all Euro E28 M535i and all U.S. E28 M5 cars? The M5 and M535i share the same oil cooler, but their respective oil filter heads and cooler lines are different. The M535i has the 17 11 1 177 190 oil cooler with an 11 42 1 716 587 oil filter head and oil cooler lines 17 20 1 177 715 and 17 20 1 177 716. The U.S. E28 M5 has the 17 11 1 177 190 oil cooler, but uses the 11 42 1 716 592 oil filter head and 17 22 2 225 926 and 17 22 2 225 927 oil cooler lines. One of the differences I'm aware of between the oil filter heads is that the E28 M5 (S38B35 motor) senses oil pressure at the filter head while the M535i (M30 motor) senses oil pressure at the cylinder head. Bottom line is, what's the difference between the oil cooler lines for the two applications? Oil cooler is common, both are the E28 chassis, but are routing and filter head connections the same? Is S38B35 intake plenum clearance the issue? Only the 17 22 2 225 927 E28 M5 oil cooler line is available, however, both E28 M535i lines are available and significantly less expensive. I've already had two lines custom fabricated for the current M5 build in my shop, I'm simply curious why I've heard nothing about using the M535i lines. I also haven't had hands on an M535i in just over 30 years.


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