For sale is a very rare 1985 Alpina B7 Turbo, based on the 5 series E28 chassis. With 300 HP and 500 Nm of torque (370 Lb-ft), coupled with the 5-speed gearbox, the car is great fun to drive anytime. It is also a head turner, and it draws quite a lot of attention, even so this vehicle is very subdued with no badge or stripes.

This Alpina B7 Turbo/1 is #181 of 278 examples produced between 1984 and 1987. The car was imported to Canada in 2000 and then kept mostly in an indoor heated warehouse till 2016. It was purchased by the current owner and has been parked in the garage overnight ever since. The car is black Swartz with black A.S.S. leather seats. It is powered by a turbocharged KKK 27 3.4-liter inline-six paired with a five-speed dogleg manual transmission.

Alpina equipment includes front and rear spoilers, suspension, 16″ wheels, steering wheels, an additional gas tank in the trunk, a gearbox knob, an Alpina odometer, and a digital display inserted in one of the air vents.

Other options include front and rear fog lights, a rare glass power sunroof, power windows, a central door lock, an onboard original computer (in German), a rear sunshade, and a 6-disk CD changer.
Recent work includes oil (Castrol 5W50 Synthetic) and filter (Mahle) change, brake replacement front and back with BMW M5, brake fluid flush, recent tires, and new cap and rotor. The car odometer is showing 140 kilometers (~87.5k miles). The exhaust was changed to a stainless-steel unit.
Please note that the original front rotors, which are Alpina-specific items and are no longer available, have been kept in sealed bags and are still in good working condition. They can therefore be put back when needed. A set of new Alpina spark plugs is available also, as well as a spare Mahle oil filter. The car is equipped with a K&N air filter.
As described in the Alpina spec sheet, the car was originally ordered as a "sleeper", with no sign, badge or lettering.
Silver-finished 16″ Alpina alloy wheels are mounted with Zeon RS3-R with about 7,000 km and are in very good condition. The leather seats have been periodically cared for, although they do show some signs of age.
A plaque lists Alpina B7 Turbo/1 serial #181. Please note that the serial number of the chassis, as well as the specific engine and head Alpina numbers, have all been confirmed as authentic by the Alpina factory.


Alpina modified the 3.4-liter BMW inline-six by reprogramming the Motronic fuel-injection system and fitting a revised cylinder head, lighter Mahle pistons, a revised camshaft, and a KKK turbocharger. Claimed output when new was 300 horsepower and ~370 lb-ft of torque.
Power is sent to the rear wheels via a Getrag 265 dogleg five-speed transmission.
Although the car is a head turner as is, it does have a few minor scratches in various places and would benefit at some time from a new paint and ceramic clear coat.
The car has mostly been kept as original and is therefore more of an autobahn cruiser than a drag racer. The rear differential is as original with .256 therefore the car has long gears. It is still powerful enough and a joy to drive every time, especially when the turbo starts pushing.
Note: the engine and head have been confirmed as authentic Alpina however they are not the ones from the original build sheet. There is no history on the car for its early 15 years in Germany, where the engine was most likely replaced at some time.
This is a very rare vehicle, with only 278 ever made, about 10 known in North America, and the only one in Canada. Although not a showroom, the vehicle is in great condition. When sold, it will also be given a full checkup at a renowned local BMW specialist.


If interested, please inquire or make a confidential offer using the M5 board messages.