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Let us analyse it further
3 first (red) expected to be YT9
digit 4 is the Model, should be M for Agera RS (N for Regera and P for Agera Final)
digit 5 is the Engine, L for the "standard" RS engine and M for the Mega What engine, seems to be M
digit 6 is to tell if it's LHD=1 or RHD=2, seems like 1
digit 7 (blue) is environmental certification, should be A for Euro5
digit 8 (yellow) for the restraint system 2,3, or 4. seems like a 4
digit 9 (green) is the check digit (0-9&X), 2 or 0?
digit 10 (blue) Build Year, G=2016, H=2017, seems like a G?
Digit 11-17 (red) A007132, where A is the build plant of Ängelholm, and so on ..
so in the en d we get YT9MM1A42GA007132!
Build year of Koenigseggs finished recently seems to have moved "back" to when the build started, rater than something else. I guess that's why we see the customer of 25/25 change to 19/25, because US customers will likely need build to start in 2016 to be legal, suggests workload at the early staions was hard in 2016 (to be able to start as many chassis as possible).


1 - 3 of 3 Posts