2006-2010 BMW M5 /M (E60) 19x9.5 REAR - 10 SPOKE ALUMINUM ALLOY WHEEL RIM. Bought this in 2019 for a spare for the rear as my wheels kept getting dented from the potholes. Looks like it was professionaly fixed / welded at one place on the rear lip of the wheel and finished up in the stock silver paint. Never mounted as my car got totaled in a flash flood last year. Finally getting to this item that has been in my storage in the original box it came in. Front of wheel is in perfect shape, the reflection from the flash at the bottom of the first picture just shows a reflection but no scratches or road rash as it was all fixed up when I bought it. It's all boxed up and ready to ship! Says BMW and BBS on the inside who I believe made the wheels for the E60 M5. Wheel weighs approx 23.5/lbs, 25+lbs including shipping materials. Also listed on Ebay.