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I recently took my '04 E46 M3 to Sonnen BMW in San Rafael for service.

The entire experience was very nice. They were very friendly, and very honest with respect to the expected completion time. They drove me to a local coffee shop so I could have some breakfast and said I could call for a return ride.

I walked back after breakfast (called and declined the ride since I'd rather walk) and sat in the waiting room for a bit.

The SA came out and asked me if I could come back to the shop because the tech had a few questions. Of course, I thought the worst...but was pleasantly surprised. The tech noticed that my V1 information was being displayed on the NAV screen. He was really impressed with it, and asked where I had it done. I told him I did it myself. He then asked if I could get him the information on the Stealth One so he could put one in his car, too...

Of course, when he first said "I noticed that your V1 displays on the NAV screen", I thought my warranty was screwed :crying: I asked him (and the SA, who was standing there) if there was an issue with my installing this device to display on the NAV, and they both said "no, we just thought it was cool".

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