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Hey guys, finally its time to sell my 2006 m5 SMG because I'm planning to go for +08 6-speed m5.
I bought this car in December 2013 in kuni auto car center beaverton Oregon and I have put somewhere around 6k-7k miles in it.

1. Cooled seats
2. Logic7 speaker

Maintenance done:
1. Changed the rear brake pads last january
2. Changed the 4 Vanos solenoid last month
3. Did the transmission inspection last month at BMW of eugene, mechanics said its ready to go4
4. Did the alignment

1. Black kidney grill
2. Muffler delete (But I can install the stock exhaust back if the buyer asks so)

1. Remaining of 10k powertrain warranty or 1-year since I bought the car (Dec 2013)

1. Front passenger restraint system sensor has problem (I'm pretty sure this is a common problem)
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