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06-2008 C&D claims that an M7 is coming

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Future car issue. While talking about the upcoming 7 series, it mentions that an M7 will follow, using a version of the M5's V10.

Now all of you know that I am convinced that an M version of the 7 Series and 1 Series will come, and no M version of the X3/5/6 will come.

However, how can C&D think that BMW would take an Audi or M-B approach to engine palcement like this? Dropping the top-dog motor from platform car A into platform car B? Sort of how M-B uses the same 6.2 L V8 in three different sizes of car (i.e. C, E, and S class). I would guess 6.0 L V12 with 600 hp for an M7.