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My car is at 3800 km and slowly I start pushing the revs. I even had a few head to head runs with a modded Subaru Impreza; did 270 km/h on the speedo but didn't hit the speed limiter.
In the coming weeks, I'll test my car against my friend's 03 M3 Coupe.

If I go back to topic, I noticed that SMG down changes at low rpms, especially from 2nd to 1st gear is smoother and faster than my 12/02 built M3. Also at upshifts, 04 seems to be smoother and softer. At full throttle upshifts at 8000 rpm, it is the same head snapper but I noticed SMG software has gone a little softer and smoother.
I hope BMW hasn't tuned down the software and make the 80 ms changes slower due to complain of some BMW drivers who think that full throttle upshifts are too abrupt

Has anyone else felt the same thing or is it just me??
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