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02 GT2 RS?

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I went to look at a few GT3's (996 & 997) today, and came upon a 996 GT2 at a dealer. It is an `02, and is simply badged RS out back and on the B-Pillars. GT2 on the inside of the car, carbon fiber interior. 8K miles, asking 100K.

Was this RS badging done by the owner? Sorry about my P-car noob status - this would be my first one, as a weekender to compliment the E60.

Second, I was not looking at AWD Turbo's because I was afraid they would not be raw enough for a fun-only car. I was looking solely for GT3's, but the GT2 took me by surprise and I now find myself considering it...

On another note, if I start looking at turbos and am after something raw, would a 964Turbo fit the bill, or am I asking for headaches?

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It's a real GT2, 187K sticker. 8K miles, original brakes that look barely bedded, original tires with shoulders still intact, so it was probably not tracked. I'm thinking low 90's is where it should be price wise - any opinions?
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