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VIN number: YT9M1G0V8L2007011

Exterior color: Lava Orange

Interior Color: Black

Power: 593 kW. / 806 hp.

Mileage: 1.144 km.

First Registration: May 2004

Additional information: This car is currently owned by a Norwegian collector who lives in France. This car, together with 64 other exotics, is for sale. She has a French registration and is located in France.

Link: Hauk Motors - Salg av biler (You do want to take a look!)

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hi all,
those cars belong to me, a Luxembourg native living in Luxembourg.
Just for your information, the Norwegian Car Collector, Thor Johanessen, a good friend of me and my wife, passed away in September 2011, in his castle in France.
He will be remembered through his incredible car collection.
And yes, the Koenigsegg and the Jaguar XJ220 are for sale as i will move on to new borders and due to lack of time.
hope this will clarify somewhat
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