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'01 M5: When can I find out the options?

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Hey, anybody out there have any idea when I can start configuring my order for an '01 M5. Currently, I'm on the list for a March '01 production start and a circa May '01 or so delivery. My dealer has no idea when I will be able to do this. From what I've heard, the new '01's will start production in September of this year.

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You are correct to say that production starts for the new model year in September (afthe the Germans take the whole of August off). I would imagine that the final options list will only be published just before production starts in case they want to add any last minute extras. I suggest you keep pestering your national distributor eg. BMWUSA

The rumors and facts are already circulating.

What we think we know is that there will be a new stereo M-sound upgrade (bass boost related?). Also, the interiors will be either 'sport' or 'luxury'. Again, the guess is that sport includes the two-tone seat options with the brushed aluminum trim (with 'extended leather'?) whereas the luxury is wood grain trim (both of today's colors available) with the exclusive leather seats and the all leather. I believe also that the alcantara is now the only option for headliner and back window shelf material. A small point is that you won't be able to order the sun-shade option unless you order the 'sport' interior since the sunshade will continue to be an incompatible option with All Leather.

In the strictly rumor stage is that the headlights will be reworked to look like the 3er with the scalloped underside curvature.

I got my call back from BMW USA HQ yesterday and they said they "won't know" ;-) until late August/early September.
I have configured my M5 to be built first week of september (according to dealer no week number though
. THe only added option I was asked about was the M5 bass package. I was told the badge deletion wasn't on there any more.
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I have my 2001 ordered with the "M-Audio w/ Bass enhancement" option. I could not order all-leather for my lemans/lemans sportive.

Mine is being built at the same time! Did you order from Classic? Wouldn't be funny if they arrived off the same boat and got to Dallas at the same time.
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