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I've been thinking about this car, our first true find since we began the Registry, and it brings me to some interesting things to ponder about SSC production.

If this is in fact car #006 as the engine plate states (we do not yet have a clear picture of the chassis plate on the console, or the full VIN plate), then do consider:

We know that car #005 is a 2007. According to SSC's website, changes for 2008 were the monoblock wheels, a new infotainment system, and the new proprietary engine block. Yet this car very clearly wears the new 2009-spec bumper and side air intake scoops. So this may mean there are NO 2008 model year SSC's, and that the "2008" updates were applied to 2009 model year cars, meaning that #006 is a 2009. OR, this car is in fact a 2008, with the 2009 body updates retrofitted (note that #002 has had the 2009 side scoops added). Skipping model years is nothing new for low volume manufacturers; see Tesla (2008-2010) or Bugatti (2006-2008-2010-2011).

The other possibility is that SSC is not building their cars in chassis number order (this also has precedent, see Spyker). The interior seems to be one of SSC's later, improved efforts, more like #011 than #005. Based on what I see, I would have guessed this car is a late 2009. I suppose there is a possiblity the interior could have been updated, similar to #002 which had a color change, but given that the car is in the Middle East, that seems like a lot of trouble to go through.

Based on observation, I would have slotted my theorized "second white car" in between this orange one and #005 in terms of chassis/production number. To me, this orange car and the grey Dubai car are very similarly equipped, and are probably very close in chassis number.

I would love to get a photo of the VIN, or at the very least, the console plate!
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