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it says carbon black, shows leman blue, so that isnt the picture or something. 2 door, automatic. I dunno, i would proceed with caution, unless i saw it and made sure there were no problems, i wouldnt get it. BUT if it is legit, ill take a dozen.


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I don't think that's Lemans Blue - that's Carbon Black in the right light.

The ad reads like it was written by someone who doesn't know what they have. This could be intentional, however.

Anyone interesting in owning an M5 should check this thing out right away. There is a slim chance it is for real. Of course, iif it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Laff...This guy seems hes good at deceiving people check out the email he sent me

I do apologize for our delayed response but we were simply overwhelmed with responses.
This is the first time we have used the internet classifieds to liquidate our current stock, but we never anticipated such a response, beginning only minutes after our first ad was posted.

We are, in all fairness, responding in the order in which we received the responses.

Additionally, we have been experiencing problems with our internet site, and have uploaded our site to an alternative site and ask that you view it at:

This will give you more details on the vehicles we have in stock.

As far as the 2000 BMW M5, we have only started to reply, so it is still available for the first serious buyer. We received over 50 replies for this vehicle over night, so we are sure it will be sold within the next 24 hours.

Vehicle information:


Year 2000

Miles: 1,473

Condition: Like New. No scratches, dents, interior tears, engine problems, or other items that would make it not “as new”.

Color is Carbon Black ( Dark Blue)

Interior is two tone black/blue leather interior.

Fully loaded with sport/titanium trim.

Perfect condition all around.

It was an original USA vehicle and was imported to the UK four months ago.It did not go through any conversion and is still under USA registration and titled.

The title is clear and ready for re-registration to the US.

We purchase the vehicle from the British Customs Department in which they seized the vehicle due to unpaid import taxes and unlawful import.

The price includes shipping to the USA or Canada, all duties, taxes, licensing, registration, title transfer and delivery to your requested delivery address in the USA or Canada.

Delivery will take approx. 3 weeks to complete or we can deliver the vehicle via airfreight for an additional $1,300 USD, which takes approx. 5 working days.

If you are a serious buyer, please respond by email today, we will be offering the purchase in the order we receive replies.

If you wish to hold the vehicle we require a 25% deposit.

With agreement of purchase you will only be required to make an initial deposit equal to 50% of the total selling price.

Upon delivery, you will have 14 full days of “Inspection Period”, after which time the remaining funds will be due.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, within the inspection period, you have the right to a full refund of your initial deposit.

We are proudly the world’s leading shipping company specializing in shipment of large items, vehicles, yachts and personal aircraft, world-wide, since 1951. Our headquarters is located in the UK, and we have satellite offices spread throughout 40 countries.

Because of our long standing reputation within the industry and Customs Departments, we are offered first invite to purchase in over 60 countries, thus making us the largest Customs Liquidation service in the world.

In most cases we have an agreement with the countries local agency that forbids us to resell any item for more then 10% of our out of pocket expense.

From this, there is not another company that can offer you a purchase with such savings, average savings being over 65%.

I will be checking the email for the next 48 hours constantly, so if you respond, I will try to respond within a couple of hours.

Again if you are interested in purchasing this vehicle, I encourage you to reply as soon as possible.

We will need a fax number, your full name, and delivery address, so that we can reply with the necessary paperwork that you will need to fill out and fax back to us.

Any further question, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you

David Myers Sales Manager

Tansang Shipping, Auto Sales Department
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It's a con. He is using a similar recipe on other bait. If you click on the hyperlink, "View Seller's Other Ads" you find the following once in a lifetime bargains:

Ferrari 456 M GTA -- $89,000
Mercedes-Benz CLK430 -- $32,000
BMW X5 3.0i -- $29,000
Mercedes-Benz CLK320 -- $39,000

Do a WEB search on "Tantung Shipping," an international powerhouse established in 1951 and find nothing...but you can email him at hotmail.

Mr. SANGGILL LEE from Korea created this website on 01-JUNE-2000 ([email protected]) His phone number is 82 11 9060 7766 but his FAX number truly says it all: (FAX) 123 123 1234.

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When I first looked at the pics on the site kaufmann posted, I thought: This car isn't new to me.
And... Yes. I remembered where I saw that car: <a href="">Blue M5 </a>.

Right. It is just the M5 on this site.
I think Gustav should have a closer look at that man trying to "sell" that car.

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