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A UK car magazine recently did a 0-100-0 group test to determine "Britains Fastest Cars", the results of which are posted below. Unfortunately they did not include the M5. (Perhaps they couldn't get hold of one judging by current UK delivery times!).

As a future M5 owner (delivery due March 2001) I would be interested to hear from anyone who has done such a test with their M5 or knows of any other magazines that have done similar tests.

The cars were all tested one up, with half a tank of fuel and a small datalogger attached.

Results: (not including modified/kit cars)

Car: 0-30,0-60,0-100,reaction time,0-100-0

Porsche 911 GT1: 2.03,3.82,7.25,0.51,11.86
Caterham Superlight R500: 1.66,3.82,8.62,0.50,13.39
Ferrari 360 Modena: 1.87,4.28,8.89,0.37,13.54
Porsche 911 Turbo: 1.52,3.90,9.39,0.22,13.66
Lambo' Diablo GT: 2.15,4.42,8.75,0.64,14.11
TVR Cerbera 4.2: 2.05,4.44,9.85,0.35,14.23
Skyline GT-R R34: 1.89,4.62,10.83,0.38,15.52
Marcos 500 GT: 2.12,4.60,9.89,0.78,16.77
Chrysler Viper GTS: 2.04,5.00,11.30,0.43,16.91
Audi RS4: 1.70,4.70,11.80,0.41,16.92
M'bishi Evo Extreme: 2.48,5.20,11.93,0.71,17.69
Holden HSV GTS-R: 2.23,5.37,12.50,0.63,17.80
Lotus 340R: 2.01,4.86,11.88,0.66,18.06
Jaguar XJ220S: 2.56,5.05,9.07,0.61,18.19
Chevrolet Camaro 5.7: 2.41,5.71,13.00,0.41,18.35

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Just a sem-educated stab in the dark, but I wager the beast would turn a low-17 if not just under.

The M5 was in last years issue which I have

0-60 = 4.6
0-100 = 10.6
100-0 = 15.7

Is that the 993 TT or the 996 TT?
I had no idea the GT1 was soooooo fast...
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At £460,000 in the UK, its the least you could expect!
Makes the M5 seem like a bargain
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