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We would like to announce the release of Orion V2.5
Starting last week, we began shipments selected purchasers of the standard Orion V2 60 LED version with upgrades to the new Orion V2.5!

Some changes to the new Orion V2.5 are quite subtle but make a big difference.
1) We have removed the control boxes and actually built it directly into the circuit board.
2) The LED we are using are designed differently to allow #1 to occur.
3) The LED spacing is dramatically closer together, so there will not be any need for the "opaque" feature.
4) The V2.5 is not available with Night Controller and ONLY AVAILABLE IN 6000K (for now)
5) 25% greater light output than Orion v2.
6) Available for any other fitments except:
a) all E46s except 2004-6 facelifted coupes/convertibles
b) all E39s 1997-2000, and Projector39 Hella Style
c) all E38s 1995-2001
d) all E65s 2002-2005 (non-facelifted)
e) all E36s with Euro Ellipsoids
d) Some other models <-- please inquire first.

For now, we're offering the product at the same price as the Orion V2. However, due to the value add of more LED, better light output (25%)
In order on these photos - Orion V2 LEFT, Orion V2.5 MIDDLE, Orion V4 RIGHT

Predator Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes with Remote [umnov25] - $159.99 : Umnitza|BMW Angel Eyes|LED Angel Eyes|Headlights|Lighting|Performance|Service|8774866489
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