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Call us, we have the kits:) Lots of them.

This photo is a representation, you will get the slim kits that have black ballasts

This new HID kit is in addition to our offerings from ProLumen and features the following:

* Digital Ballast
* Integrated Ignitor and Ballast with Flexible Connections
* Wafer Thin Design
* Bullet Proof Reliability
* 2 Year Warranty

Where can I use this kit?
Anywhere! It works for your fogs, halogen low beams (other cars), high beams if you so desire...anywhere a true HID kit works. This is a complete system that allows unmatched flexibility in mounting and installation due to the unique slim wafer ballasts.

So what does the kit include?
2 bulbs, integrated ballast/ignitor, all the connections to make it work and a 2 year guarantee on any defects related to the product excluding normal wear and tear or bulb failure.

Q: What bulb type should I choose?
A: 9006 for fogs

Q: What color is best?
A: It really depends what you're looking for. Please realize that Kelvin Scale (K) does *NOT* denote brightness! The Kelvin scale is used only as a measure of COLOR output! Although "bluer" headlights may appear brighter, higher Kelvin applications actually produce less visible light on the road! It is for this reason that OEM applications use 4300K (Yellow/White) bulbs! You should choose a color that matches your needs aesthetically, but realize that Higher Kelvin = Lower Lumen. It is for this reason that we do not offer any color above 8000K!

Slim Kit Special
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